Friday, April 8, 2011

What did they leave in there!!

So, it has been 7 days and the post op instructions say to take the bandages off.  So, here we go. 

Before I do that, let's remind everyone what my gorgeous neck looked like on January 18th 2011.  I loved my neck.  It was definitely not top model long or anything but I was pretty sure it was going to look good for a while without having to visit some sort of plastic surgeon for some nicking and tucking till later. 

And now, ouch, bandages coming off kills.  Oh, my goodness, I am feeling very nauseous as I look in the mirror. 

What the hell?  What the hell is in there??  Didn't they take stuff out??? 

If they did, then why does it look like Dr. Nichols put something in there.  Maybe a tracking device so he can monitor my behaviour?  Or, he can come find me and whisk me away to Hawaii - sorry Lennie but he is hot!

Also, what is with it looking lumpy, again if they took stuff out why not smooth and gorgeous like before!!  

I think everyone in the operating room decided they would have fun to see who could put their hand farther down my neck.  They each took turns, removed their watches and whoever could get to their elbow, they win - congrats nurse Ratched, you win and my neck is still killing me! 

Oh, and another thing while I am on a rampage, why is my neck the size of a mature tree trunk??  Even my face is huge and swollen.  Stop it!!!!  I can't stand looking at myself - thank God I really can't drive the car and go anywhere - kids will scream and think I am a new elephant lady - Jesus!!!!  (nothing against people with that ailment - I am just venting here) 

How the hell will I be covering this scar up for the rest of my life - scarves already make me look fat.

I need ideas - and don't say tattoo - that is another story to come later on this weekend when Megan takes me to get one ;)

Hugs - but don't hug me too tight as I still can't move my neck!