Monday, April 4, 2011

Seriously Lucky

I was going to write today about how the surgery went but really it was pretty good and aside from a ton of neck pain (last time my throat killed me) I am resting well. 

Lennie did snap this photo of me only a couple of hours after the surgery.  I was still on oxygen but only for a little as this time, my anesthesiologist was awesome and it did not take forever to wake up like I did last time.

2 interesting notes of the hospital stay, the nurses were amazing and did whatever they could to make me feel comfortable - I refused to take the pain meds as I didn't want to screw up my colon and at 2:00am when they had to come and get my blood once again, they reminded me that I would sleep so much better if I was pain free and they were right - 1 pill and nightie night.  Secondly, a PSW came 4 times to help me figure out what I could eat knowing I was trying to stay with the vegan diet but also the fact that I couldn't really swallow so she found me Popsicles that I sucked on and it helped soooo much.  They totally went out of their way.

Last interesting note was the fact that Dr. Nichols called me at home once I got released.  A surgeon calling a patient at home?  Are you kidding me?  Nope, called to see how I was.  Unfreaking believable.  Lennie says he has a crush on me - don't think so as I gave him a really hard time about the scar again. 

I did want to reflect on the kindness and friendship that I have once again been shown in my life that I have received over these past couple of months but really in the last week. I have received the most beautiful messages, flowers and not 1 but 2 edible arrangements arrived just in time as my brother Jeff was visiting and he and Lennie went to town on all the chocolate covered apples.  They were sent from my Aunt Sandy and her daughter Kimmy's family - delicious.  Also, my special teacher friend Lynn sent a basket and it was soooo thoughtful. 

If you know me, you know that I take a bath everyday so of course Krystal and Rich created a beautiful gift bag of bath salts and relaxing teas to make the resting even more enjoyable.  I really have appreciated the calls, hugs, texts and support from my Suzy, Lish and Lindsay - great girlfriends.

I was remembering in 2007 when I was diagnosed with Crohns disease and spent several weeks in the hospital.  I remembering being totally overwhelmed with the generosity of my family and friends and this time has brought back so many fond and special memories of the support that people have provided to me throughout my life. 

The Pratts once again sent the most beautiful tulips.  I split the 2 dozen into 2 vases and have the flowers all over the house.  My mom and dad sent a delicious fruit, nut and chocolate care package.   My Aunt Shirley Ann and Uncle Doug (who are away on a trip) sent the most amazing flower arrangement and I love the container they used as I will reuse it this summer for my cut flowers.  And lastly, my dear friend Niki sent a gorgeous yellow and blue (my favourite colours) arrangement to my hospital room which arrived the moment I was moved from recovery - perfect timing Niki! 
So now that I am home, my house looks like a flower shop and I love it. 

Thank you everyone for caring so deeply.  I must admit that with social networking so prominate these days, the humor of people's posts make the days so much better.  I appreciate everyone taking a moment to reflect on my situation and saying the kindess things.  What was a huge help was my brother Johnny and his family in Seattle helping my mom understand the situation and taking lots of time to call, gather information and be able to share it with them in Florida - thanks Johnny and Vicky. 

My favourite thing of course is Lennie who took care days from work to be home and help me with everything.  I think there is a higher power at work here because if I hadn't gotten Crohns disease and learned to ask for help I really don't think I would be coping as well and Lennie learned to be so strong for me from that difficult situation. 

A cool thing also is Megan who has spent a lot of time researching what I can eat and prepared the most amazing meal for us.  She prepared falafals on pita bread with tons of veggies - delicious and totally vegan - good work Meggie!

Hugs to all.