Monday, March 28, 2011

Eat'n Like a Vegan

I was going to write today about the upcoming surgery (Thursday @ 9:00) or I was going to reflect on me hitting my emotional wall this week (I hit it really hard) but instead I am continuing to try and focus on the positive so, I have been eating like a vegan.

I know, I know, the Keg loving, BBQ queen, chicken adorer, and omelet chef is eating vegan!!! What!! Yep, bought a book in the states, hit Chapter in London for more and now have been converted.  No, I am not a vegan as it involves a clear understand of a lifestyle associated with understanding animal products and their use but I am eating vegan!

The biggest question I get from people is, "What do you eat?".

The answer is easy, I eat everything except stuff made with animal protein and my body is sooo much happier.  No bloating, cravings, highs/lows or weird stomach sounds (not too mention some weight loss)

This week for breakfast I ate homemade granola, fruit and berries, plus almond milk. For lunches I ate spinach potato soup with homemade tortilla chips or re fried beans with peppers, and for dinner I ate salads, hummus, delicious soups and stir fries. Fantastic.

We all know I love coffee so I am still drinking it - decaffeinated and using soya milk made for coffee drinkers - delicious stuff.

On Friday night I bought this terrific Vegan cook book with just baking recipes in it. Not tough to made breads, cookies, pies and even cheesecakes as long as you have the ingredients. Today I made the most delicious cornmeal muffins using real corn and corn meal - didn't know it but that is where I will get a lot of my calcium.

I kind of panicked because one of the things you need to make a lot of the baking is a special thing that is an egg substitute. Didn't think I would find it at all and I knew that I need to have sweet things still in my diet and got worried that the baking part would not work out. Well, low and behold at Great Canadian found the egg stuff and used it with the cornmeal muffins - this box is equal to 100 eggs. Yahoo - cookies and cakes here we come.

Even I will admit a few things are gross.  Take for example Savi seeds - they give you all the Omega 3s that you need.  Some sort of seed pod thingy.  I bought them to try from the Bulk Barn and they had many versions.  I bought the kind in a cocoa shell - gross - really woody - but all I have to eat is 4 a day and I don't have to eat salmon and we all know how I feel about salmon - yucky!

Stay tuned for the voyage, think this is one I will continue on.