Monday, January 24, 2011

What a pain in the neck!

Well, the surgery is done - only 2 hours in length.  Dr. Nichols said it went really well and now we wait until February 15th for the verdict on if the Hurtle cell is the cancerous kind - I really do not believe it is and I usually have a good sense about this stuff.

I didn't realize how much of a pain in the butt a neck surgery is.  Everything I tried to do killed me - swallowing, talking, moving, coughing and don't get me started on sneezing.  My neck is quite swollen and didn't realize that the inside is swollen too.  It feels like I have a lump in my throat and in an essence I do.  My voice is quite bizarre now too.  I am definitely not sounding the same, it is not possible to yell in anyway and I can not talk for long without getting quite tired - they said this would happen because of the vocal nerve being so close to the thyroid.  I am pretty lucky that I am not teaching right now as I would never last all day talking and would not be able to get anyone's attention without any voice power. 

What really sucked was the recovery room.  I really did not do well - it took me 4 hours to get awake enough to be moved to the next recovery room to go home. I was in so much pain that they gave me a ton of morphine and then tried to get me to swallow a Tylenol 3 - that didn't happen so well.  Then, every time they took me off oxygen my blood levels dropped and they had to put me back on the air.  Then, whenever they tried to move me, I would throw up - eventually when they got me to the car and Lennie was about to pull away, I throw up again - I guess I do not do well with anesthesia.

I did receive some beautiful flowers from my mom, Lish and Lindsay, some delicious spaghetti from Suzy and a wonderful visit from the Dimitroff's with baby Katie.  Lennie was a trouper and took 2 care days to be with me and I really could not have made it without him as I was a mess on Thursday and Friday.  Megan came and babysat me too when Lennie went to basketball.  Even Scotty came over to give us more Sons of Anarchy videos to watch - he kept making me laugh and it killed my neck - jerk!  My brother Johnny and sister in law Vicky called to chat, Rene from work, my mother in law, and brother in law called too to check in.  Nice that so many people care.

I did venture out yesterday to get some air, groceries and got weighed at Olympic Fitness.  Lost another 5.2 pounds and am in 2nd place overall.  Cool.  I am not to work out for a couple of weeks so will have to make sure I am walking everywhere and sick to my diet. 

Stay tuned for the update from Dr. Nichols next month.

Thanks for everyone's support.