Friday, January 28, 2011

Healing Week

8 days after surgery and my neck is looking good.  It actually looks better in person.

I hit the gym last night for a light jog - ok I pushed it to 6 for most of it but just because I was feeling good.  Jason was there to make sure I didn't fall off the treadmill - I was a little freaked out for the fist 1/4 mile as I was paranoid I would move too much.  I just slowed down and got "my legs" back and all was great. 

Went back to work after 2.5 days off (I know I know..."you're and idiot", "that's too soon" etc etc - I have heard it all from Lennie and Scotty, but really I was sick of daytime TV after 2 days and was starting to feel sorry for myself.

My voice is still a little raspy and I certainly can not sing or yell in anyway as I have lost some power.  There is still some swelling and my face is slightly rounder - swelling I presume.

I am back at the Biggest Loser on Sunday but promise not to lift any weights - I will just do all the cardio and take is somewhat easy - I promise - I DO!

I am hoping for a couple of pounds lost this week but will not be too disappointed since I have gone home after work each night this week and rested (except for last night) so the weight loss will just come from the diet which I have stuck to like glue.