Sunday, January 16, 2011

Timing is everything or not!

So, you are probably wondering why I have a photo of my neck up today.  Well...if you have been following my blog for a while you know that I have a couple of nagging health concerns.  Back in June I shared that I finally got in to see a head, neck and throat surgeon because of a lump found in my neck was biopsied and it was diagnosed as a Hurthle cell lesion.  Dr. Nicols he told me that I needed a hemithyroidecomy to remove the right side of my thyroid to see if the lesion is cancerous or not. (20+%) ((they have to take out the whole side in order to get a clear diagnosis))  If it is found to be cancer then they will remove the other side.  I have been waiting for a surgery date ever since.  Well...they called and the date is Wednesday, this Wednesday. 

So, I am currently in a new job, participating in the Biggest Loser at Olympic Fitness and about to start training for a marathon.  Perfect timing argggggg.

This morning I hit the gym for our week 2 kick off and I had lost 8 pounds last week - terrific stuff but if I remember the conversation from back in June with Dr. Nicols, I need to be off work for 5 days and not exercise for a couple of weeks.  Wednesday, Lennie and I will learn more post op but this will definitely put a big wrinkle in a few plans.

The first thing that comes to mind is being able to be prepared for Around the Bay March 27th - I can not see myself being able to do that with not being able to exercise for a couple of weeks so, I may shift my thinking to running Run for Retina 1/2 marathon again in April and the focus on the Flying Pig 1/2 for May. 

Last timing issue is that February 4th I am finally having a "girlie parts" surgery I have been waiting for too - I know you must think I am such a sickly person - I am not!  I just have a lot of loose ends I need tied up that were all discovered in the last couple of years because of the great care I received while being treated for Crohns.

I am strong and healthy but this might be a bit too much even for this crazed girl. 

What do you think?