Friday, July 14, 2017

The "Doctorate" Party

I could go on and on about my graduation weekend last October in which I received my doctor of education degree from Western University.  I was so proud to have my brother and his family come from Seattle and my Uncle Graham and Aunt Ainsley drive from Ottawa to partake in all the fun.  Friday morning was spent at the Faculty of Education celebrating with other graduates, Friday afternoon was the actual fancy graduation ceremony BUT Friday night was the hilarity.

I had said for years that when I graduate with my doctorate that I would throw a costume party.  Yes, a costume party.  It just so happened the graduation weekend and Halloween all fell on the same days so it was only fitting that I advise everyone who wants to come celebrate that they must dress up...and dress up as a doctor.  I thought it would be funny to see what people will come up with and I DIDN'T have to wear a costume because I was now a doctor. (I know I'm not a real doctor but still...)  

Well, our friends and family didn't disappoint.  Firstly, my old friend Michelle made me a cake that was totally awesome (my dissertation had a lobster theme so she made it match the theme).  Then we all traveled to the Alibi restaurant in London where our family holds every party we have and Lennie still works there after 29 years in London.  As we arrived the costumes that people designed, made, and wore were incredible.

Ann Marie and Scott Luce spent months researching Masters and Johnson and they hit their costumes out of the park!

My uncle Graham and Aunt Ainsley made their costumes of Dr. Luigi and Dr. Lobster!! So cleaver.

Our teacher friend Jeff came as Dr. Patch Adams including the red nose!

Oh course Lennie spent hours getting his outfit of Dr. Evil including a bald wig.

My bro Johnny and his wife Vicky came has Doc from the Love Boat and Dr. J.  Too funny as she is about 4 foot 6 inches tall.

Our teacher friends Jeremy and his wife Kimberly came as ghostbusters and the Hulk - so much make up!

More teacher friends and because they were French teachers they had to come as the very popular Dr. and Mrs. Vandertramp which is a great way to help students remember French verbs - very clever.

Scotty P and Megan rocked it with Megan as Dr. Amy from Big Bang Theory and Scotty won the night with his Dr. Phil costume.

My classy aunt and cousin Sharon came as Dr. Zhivago and Dr. Seuss so happy they came and brought the classy!

My brother Jeff spent months working on this costume so he could come as Dr. Pepper - hilarious, heavy, and made it hard to lift a beer to his mouth (he found a way).

My other cool cousin Ryan and his partner came as Indiana Jones and the joker's girlfriend from Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn, so inventive.

Our friends Rich and Krystal came as Dr. House and Meredith Gray so fun!

Our hockey friends Puck and his wife Rebecca came as scientists with Rebecca taking second place with her Einstein costume - her hair won the night.

Our teacher friends Chris and his wife Jenna came from Big Ban Theory; Leonard and Bernadette - hilarious as Chris didn't cut his hair for months so it would look right!

My dad rocked some real doctors scrubs from his neighbour while my fun Aunt Sandy came as Dr. Doom while her daughter Kelly came as a witch doctor.

My favorite moment of the weekend came when Lennie surprised me with a visit from our cousins from Chicago; Kevin as Bugs Bunny and his amazing daughter Emily as Dr. Ross from Friends.

My adorable Vice Principal and his wife came as Doc Brown from Back to the Future and Dr. McStuffin's who I had no idea was as it is from some sort of kids TV program.  

Our school secretary Sherry and her husband John came as Dr. Seuss and Dr. Mario from Mario Brothers! So good!

Huge thank you to everyone who participated in this weekend making it amazing and all those who traveled from so far to join us.  Obviously I owe a big shout out to everyone who has helped me since 2013 to complete this bucket list item.

What would you dress as if you had to dress as doctor?