Friday, July 14, 2017

I'mmmmm Backkkkkk

I know I know it has been almost 17 months since my last post.  I have not forgotten about you I promise.  I think I was burned out, tired, and so busy writing for my doctorate that I couldn't put another word to paper...until now.  The doctorate is done (here it is, I graduated and held a fun weekend party, the school year finished and I have enjoyed 2 solid weeks of summer that I have not had in many many years.  No courses, no speaking engagements, no work, truly, I have nothing to do except relax and hang out with Lenster!

I brainstormed for months what I should do this summer and I booked a trip to Spain to speak at a big research conference, I wanted to return to Fitness Ridge for 4 weeks, I wanted to go to Iceland but you know what...I am not doing any of it.  My body is telling me that I need to rest and I am actually listening.

In an effort to learn to listen to my body I am going to be attending a week long retreat at Sugar Ridge on mindfulness, yoga, and meditation.  I found the retreat through a search of the internet in which I wanted something here in Ontario so I could just drive and not have to worry about a flight, shuttle, and not having a car.  But, more importantly, I have realized that before I can work on my physical fitness again, I really need to get to a better head space and this week, I believe, will provide that. Check it out here.

I started this blog in 2009 so my family could be connected while I attended my first 2 weeks at Fitness Ridge in Utah.  I loved updating them everyday with my fun and crazy adventures.  I do see the irony in that fact that I am now attending a retreat at a place called Sugar Ridge, I wonder if it is meant to be? I will be blogging my days at Sugar Ridge so that I can remember all the lessons learned and be able to bring the learning back to London.

It's good to be back.