Saturday, October 11, 2014

I'm sweet enough

Here is the "before photo"

On July 17th Megan and I returned from our awesome trip to Mississippi with a little bit of money, some shopping, and a new found understanding of our sugar addiction. Challenging each other to 8 days of going sugar free (the length of time her kids were still away at camp) we began the challenge.
We recognized that we both have awful eating habits that are surrounded with bad choices, too much crap, and a lot of items with no nutritional value.

We brainstormed healthy choices and possible snacks that were sugar free plus that she would pick me up each night at 7:00pm for a walk (the exact time we normally would begin our binge eating nightly fun).

The first couple of days were great and easy plus we got walks in. The next couple sucked with headaches, crankiness, and cravings. Oh the cravings! We pushed through and hit our 8 days and she left to pick up the kids at camp. I said we should go for 6 more days to hit 2 weeks of sugar free. She had lost 5 pounds and Lennie (who was doing nothing) lost 6 and we wanted to punch him. I was the somewhat the same.

We continued to research foods, eat healthy breakfasts, and fight our cravings. Next thing you know we have gone 2 weeks, then a month and now we are at the 3 month mark. Thursday I go to the doctor for an official weigh in. I know what I started at and last week I had lost 22.5 pounds so far.

I was most worried when I returned to school in September knowing I had terrible habits of not eating breakfast then binging when I got home. For some reason that has not happened. Lennie has been making protein shakes and leaving one for me on the counter when he leaves. We have lots of bagels to toast and eat on the run.

My 46th birthday was this week and I threw myself a party and didn't eat a single bit of sugar. I didn't even want it. I did have lots of treats for my friends but stuck to healthy stuff plus lots of fruit and veggies. Tomorrow is thanksgiving and pie has always been my favourite part of the big feast. I will not eat any and have no interest in ruining how great I am feeling.

The biggest change is the complete elimination of mood swings. Without any sugar, you have no highs or crashes in the day. I really feel the difference in my emotional control and reduction of "freak outs". Unbelievable actually as you can feel yourself in control as opposed to feeling out of emotional control.

I am hoping to hit the 25 pound loss benchmark this week at the doctor and can see even greater weight loss in my future. This is the first time something has worked, been easy (except for the first week), been free, and been the right thing for me.

Stay tuned.