Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Catching up from summer 2014.

What a great summer we are having. I can't remember a better one. For many years I have worked many weeks throughout the typical teacher summer or we have jammed packed it so that we don't get to enjoy our home and pool. This summer we said to try and limit trips, spend time together, and continue to get project done around the house. Our garden looks awesome.

I finished an intercession course for my doctorate and got 97% yes, 97%. I worked really hard and the learning just clicked for me. I have started the summer course and am enjoying this one too. This is really inspiring me for the fall at my new school, so I have spent so time getting ready and organized.

My BFF Megan and I went to Mississippi last week and had an awesome time. I love the trips through my Total rewards points and it was beautiful, fun, and great to spend time together since we didn't have our annual March Break trip because Lennie and I were away.

When we returned Megan and I agreed that our eating habits suck and we need to get off sugar. We swore off sugar for 8 days. I have spent the time cooking and loving it. Lennie and I have enjoyed all kinds of great things, no yucky snacks or sugary drinks plus Megan and I have walked each night. I have definitely lost some weight so far, feel great, and look forward to the next 8 days of our challenge.

We also have enjoyed catching up with our cat Checkers. Ok, he's not ours and we don't know who he belongs to, or what his real name is, but he has adopted us and it feels great. Lennie and I still miss our fur babies Tigger and Winnie everyday so when this handsome beautiful guy stumbled into our yard, we were so happy. We give him some food and he snuggles but then leaves and comes back every couple of hours. Been awesome.

The last thing we have done is been participating in some charity golfing events. I quit golf a couple of years ago - long story, but is like golfing for a good cause and we even got to meet Darcy Tucker.

Can't wait to see what August brings. Hugs to all.