Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello Knitty

Little known fact...I have been knitting since I was 19 years old.

My mom and grandma taught me in Cardiff, Ontario in the spring of 1988. I had left high school to finish it by correspondence classes because I really wasn't transitioning well from my move home from living in France.

Looking back on it I was too big for my britches and needed some grounding from my grandparents. Since there was no Internet back then I would snail mail my assignments to and from my teachers and while waiting, I learned to knit.

I loved it then and still to this day feel it is one of the few things I do which truly centres me.
Last Christmas when we started our sabbatical I knit a sweater and this Christmas I went nuts and completed 4 projects and 1/2 of another.

Using the leftover purple yarn from last year's sweater, I knit a slouch hat.
Then I made Megan and me cool shawl like items. I joined the website and have been able to track all my projects.

They turned out pretty good. I took the brown one and Megan requested a purple one.

I posted the photos on social media and my cousin Sarah requested a circle scarf so I made that too. It was easy but I didn't do a good job of the seam so learned how to do an invisible one for the next scarf.

Now I am working on this cardigan in the colour charcoal. I love it so far and it looks great. Plus, it is an easy pattern.

All this knitting has got me inspired to start a knitting club.

Here's the voting list for the knitting club names I'm starting. Which one do you like?
1. Loopers
2. Hello Knitty
3. Purl Jam
4. Wholly Knit
5. Sheep Trick
6. Knitty by Nature
7. Rows before Bros
8. The Knit Wits

Club "draft" statutes...
- Thou shall attend with own stuff.
- Thou shall not talk about work.
- Thou shall clean up own mess.
- Thou shall drink coffee/tea/wine & lots of it.
- Thou shall not poke anyone with needles.
- Thou shall measure twice and cut once.

Anyone want in?