Saturday, June 28, 2014

Week 26 of BZ Adventure - the official end

June 21 - 27

Well Lennie is gone to Quebec - awesome!!!  That means I can organize and clean without him seeing some of the stuff I am throwing out.  I am going to tackle the basement first as I have a ton of stuff from my educational career that I need to organize before next Friday when I move to the new school.

I was able to get it all down to 16 boxes!!! The garbage men with thrilled with all the garbage and recycling.  I was thrilled as we have nothing left in the basement and I have only kept the extra special student work plus all my stuff I need for admin.

This is our last official week of the sabbatical - even though we do not work in the summer - well I have to work the first week of July and last week of August - our leave official ends June 30th so this will be last post of the BZ Adventure.

I have learned a ton.  Mostly, that we don't need so much stuff, the world is actually quite small but very special.  We will be doing this leave again in 5 years and I look forward to planning it and seeing where it leads.

This week we also celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary - WOW.  While I took a ton of photos on our trip, these are a few of my favourite of us.