Sunday, May 11, 2014

Week 20 of BZ adventure

May 10 - May 17

Saturday May 10
Got up and the boys went with Felicity to get her gymnastic photos done then left to go to Wild Play so Lennie could bungee jump. Sheila wasn't feeling well so slept on the couch while I worked on our next course.

At 3 we left to do some errands. At 6:00 we were expected at our friends Doug and Marsha's for dinner. We walked over and when the boys got home they met us there.
They have a beautiful home and yard. Doug is an amazing cook and bbqer so the dinner was amazing. We had some great laughs and had to borrow their wagon to bring Felicity home. We tucked her in the there and I pulled her home.

Sunday, May 11
Happy Mother's Day. We had a wonderful day celebrating and enjoying the beautiful weather. Dwayne made coffee and cinnamon buns, we face timed my mom and Megan, we called Lennie's mom, and went to brunch. Dwayne has shares at a winery and we have visited before so brunch there was terrific. Felicity our niece had made me a necklace and it was cute.

Lennie went downtown in the afternoon while we sat in the sun and returned the wagon to Doug and Marsha. Sheila went for a run while Dwayne washed the cars. For dinner Sheila wanted fish and chips so the boys went and got us some really good ones. Lennie went out to met a friend for a beer while we watched TV and talked about education. Sheila teaches kindergarten so she has a great perspective on teaching, students, and leadership. I love talking too her about our jobs.

Monday, May 12
Today was about getting stuff done. Got our boarding passes, did laundry, ordered a laptop, read my text book, did some course posts, met a friend for a drink, and had Doug and Marsha over for dinner, whew, full day, tomorrow we fly.

Tuesday, May 13

Our flight left Victoria for Calgary at 9:40, landed at 11:30 and we moved to the next flight at 1:40. My dad picked us up and took us home to drop our stuff off then my mom made us dinner.

The house looks perfect and tomorrow we will hang the awning, start the gardens, get my desk set up, and see the Purvis'. Life is definitely good.

Wednesday, May 14
Got up late from an awesome sleep in our own bed. Open all the mail and solved some problems; we have been receiving the paper - weird, taxes are due - yucky, and OPC dues need to be updated - ok. I downloaded all our pictures - about 5000 and set up my desk area for my course. Lennie grocery shopped and put out the patio furniture plus got the pool pump going. I talked to Megan and went to visit my parents again. Lennie worked at the Alibi then stopped in at my parents. Tomorrow I pick up a new phone and computer from work to get started on work for the fall.
I am moving to a new school so am excited to start learning about that community and students. I will do some school visits and attend some planing meetings in the next couple of weeks to prepare for the upcoming school year. I got some very nice welcome messages so I am happy to be moving there this fall.

Thursday, May 15
Today is my brother Jeff's 50th birthday. He doesn't look it or act it.

I went to the board office today and picked up my new phone, printed off some documents for my course, submitted a cheque request, saw my friend Renee, picked up a laptop, and left. I went to my favourite antique mall as I am looking for a desk and chair to work on and add to our family room. Found what I want and will probably pick it up tomorrow. We went to East Side Mario's and met my parents and Jeff for dinner then visited the Purvis', good day or what!

Friday, May 16
I puttered around the house today till noon at which time I had to go to Victoria hospital for my annual cancer screening test. Neck ultrasound looked good with no cells to be seen. See you next year radiology.

I decided to buy the desk and chair so I picked up my husbands truck and bought the set.

Brought it home and got organized for a couple more years of work on the doctorate degree. I read some course work while Lennie worked at the Alibi. The Memorial Cup is going on so many people are celebrating hockey for the next couple of weeks.
It's great to be home. Just realized there are still 15 weeks till the new school year. I will use this time wisely to continue to rest, grow, nurture relationships, be with my parents, and reflect on what an awesome life I continue to have.