Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 19 of BZ adventure

May 3 - May 10

Saturday May 3

Woke up after a good 6 hour sleep and headed out to Saltys for a brunch with the family through Vicky's work. It was awesome because it was delicious and located at the habour.

We took a couple of cars so Lennie could return the rental. The girls left and went shopping. My sister in law is a shop crazed person so it was fun. We even hit Nordstrom's Rack.
We returned home at 3:00 and left for event number 2. We headed to Jack Root's house (a manager at Vicky's work) for his son's 1st birthday party. We didn't know anyone but it was fun to meet so wonderful people and hang out with over 20 kids aged 0-12.
We returned home at 6:00 for event number 3. Vicky invited the Grenann's over. They are great friends and we had met them before in Vegas. Johnny BBQd and we had a great meal. They have 3 boys so Portia played with them till 11:15pm while we played games and had a few drinks. We were pooped and went to bed.
Sunday May 4
Woke up after another 6 hour sleep - amazing. The room. Johnny has made into their guest room is wonderful and cool so we are sleeping well. We got dressed and headed to church as it was. Portia's first communion. She was so beautiful and the service was wonderful.

We had a cookie and coffee reception after where the whole family was there to see.
We returned home where they hosted an afternoon lunch with everyone. We love Vicky's family and her sisters, brother, I laws, parents, uncle, and friends made for a wonderful event.

At 4:30 everyone left and we cleaned the house and kitchen. We watched TV , I started my next course for my Doctorate and hung out with Rolfe who was now home from his basketball tourney. He's so cute, and tall now. Lennie and him are best buds so it's so fun to see them laughing and being silly.

Monday May 5
Vicky had to go to work and the kids went to school so we slept a little bit then Johnny took us out for errands. Returned some stuff, got Vicky a Mother's Day gift, and ate lunch. We also picked up our ferry tickets for our tour to Lennie's brothers in Victoria.

We've been here to Seattle many times so seen all the sites already. Seattle traffic is nuts so I hate driving around but breweries, market, and restaurants are awesome. We picked up the kids after school and drove Rolfe to basketball. We watched for a bit then took Portia to baseball. She has a sore wrist so didn't bat but played outfield. We left and met Vicky and Rolfe at a restaurant for sandwiches and drinks.

Tuesday May 6
Got up and Vicky had to leave to go to San Francisco for the day. We hung at the house, Johnny did yard work, I worked on my course, and Lennie went golfing. At 3:00 we went out and picked up the kids for piano then Rolfe's baseball. We got pizza and chomped on it at the baseball diamond. Rolfe played amazing and we had a great time. We came home and started packing for our trip to Victoria tomorrow really early.

Wednesday May 7

Johnny drove us to the Victoria Clipper ferry at 7:00am. It's a 2:45 hour ferry ride to Victoria that we have done before.

Dwayne was there to pick us up after we went through customs. We were starving so Dwayne drove us to an awesome place for poutine.

We pigged out. Dwayne has a great house we can book a community suite to stay in while there so we stopped there and dropped our stuff off.

We then moved to their house and sat in the sun, read email, and had some drinks. The boys left for Dwayne's chiropractic and I waited for the girls to come home from school.

We had a delicious chili dinner, walked to our friends Doug and Marsha's house to meet their daughter then came home to watch hockey. The buys are playing golf tomorrow and I am going to work on my course. Today was a great day.

Thursday May 8
Woke up and wished the golfers good luck. I worked on my course, got my nails done, went to the casino and tried to find a grocery store for these awesome cookies Sheila has. Came home when the golfers returned and when Sheila and Felicia were home from school. Dwayne BBQ'd and we watched the movie Coraline with Felicity. It was rainy so we couldn't really hang outside. Sheila went to the gym and we chatted till late.

Friday May 9
Woke up and hit the road with Dwayne and Len. We did a ton of errands including visiting their friend Doug's new metal stamping business. The best part of the day was visiting Felicity and Sheila's school. It is a beautiful, safe, and smart school. Felicity did a little presentation with us in her grade 2 room and it was so cute. I got to talk for a while with the principal, teachers, and a lot of parents. I drove home with Sheila and we made homemade nachos for dinner. Their friend Doug came over and we chatted about his business some more. We watched a movie, the boys went for a walk, and Sheila and I hung out.