Sunday, May 25, 2014

Week 21 of BZ Adventure

May 17 - 23

It is so awesome to be home (and not working yet).

We have been able to fix things that are broken, finally trim our hedges properly, spend lots of time with my parents, make our garden bigger, open our pool etc. etc.

What was really wonderful was the opportunity I had this week to visit my new school. I am going to be the principal at Northdale Central PS in Dorchester. It's a grade 4-8 school was a terrific staff. I enjoyed my afternoon meeting staff and participating in their school improvement plan writing.

I also expanded our veggie gardens.

So excited to grow more stuff.

Our pool is starting to take shape.

Lastly, I took our awning off and finally cleaned the crap out of it. What a pain in the butt.

It dried totally perfect.
I also spent a ton of time working on my course. Love my new desk area overlooking the yard. Got a book review done and I get to lead the on line discussion on a reading all next week. Cool.

I am really happy for Lennie. He is golfing, doing stuff around the house, seeing friends, and getting some shifts at the restaurant. He is so happy, healthy, and enjoying his time. We are making our meals, exercising, and sleeping in. Perfect.