Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Week 18 of BZ adventure

April 25 - May 3

Saturday April 26
Woke up sick. I am not surprised as Disneyland was a germ Mecca. We said good bye to Mike and Lori who were off to LA for their flight. We cleaned and organized the condo then locked her up.
We drove to Vegas for 3 nights which I got for free so we were excited. Arrived at Planet Hollywood at 3:00 and checked in right away. We have a nice room on the 12th floor. Lennie entered a poker tourney and I hit the slots even though I felt crappy. I hit $1000 right away - sweet.

We ate dinner late at the Earl of Sandwich and I had some soup. It helped a bit. We went to bed to try and beat this cold/flu.

Sunday April 27
Woke up late and Lennie was gone to a poker tourney. I took a shower but still didn't feel any better. I walked around a bit and even went to Paris and Bally's for some fun but not too many wins today. For dinner we went to Gordon Ramsey's burger restaurant and it was terrific.

Monday April 28
Woke up feeling worse. Now it is a chest cold and flu. I have been so lucky on this trip to not get ill as Lennie has had a cough for weeks. I took a hot shower, went for a walk, and rested in the afternoon. Lennie went in a poker tourney and won some money. I went back to the room and Lennie went to the outlet mall. He bought me some soup and a sandwich and I continued to crash.

Tuesday April 29
Woke up and had to check out for our trip to Bakersfield. We are driving to Seattle so today would be a 4 hour drive up before hitting San Francisco tomorrow. I still feel awful and am coughing yucky stuff up. Our drive was beautiful and saw so many farms, wind turbines, orchard, and go to Bakersfield at 4:00. Lennie has free hotels for us all the way to Seattle through his American Express card so that makes it cheap but the places are wonderful. Tonight we are at the Four Points Sheraton in downtown Bakersfield.

Lennie left for a poker tourney at the local casino but it doesn't have any slots so I stayed back and sat in the sun. It is so beautiful here and the 30 degree weather is making me feel better. Lennie came home and we snacked on pizza.

Wednesday April 30
Woke up and left to check out Buck Owen's Chrystal Palace then began the drive to San Francisco.

It was about another 4 hours and more wonderful California sights to see along the way. I made lennie stop a lot to take photos of cool Cali stuff. Added a lot more time to the drive but it was cool.

Lennie had us booked in a fancy hotel downtown and we could see the bridge and harbour. We checked in and hit the pool for a couple of hours as the sun was beautiful.

We left to go on a city walk/tour. We got to see so many sights. We took a boat ride out to Alcatraz and the Golden Gate bridge.

As we were giggling taking more pictures along the fishermans wharf, a parent of some former students spotted us and said hi. We finally have seen someone we know on our adventure.

Thursday May 1
Woke up in San Francisco and knew we had a long day ahead of us. 10 hours to Portland, Oregon. We drove to Oregon last summer so were familiar with the scenery and roads. Just gorgeous forests and people along our way.

Lots to see in Portland but it's just a stop over before hitting Seattle and my brother's house tomorrow. Our hotel is located right downtown and we went for a beautiful dinner at an Italian place. We reflected on our amazing trip and what we should plan for next. We have some bills to pay off but will do this sabbatical again for sure. Lennie is golfing tomorrow and I am going to find the Nordstrom's Rack store and hope it is as good as the one in Dana's Point.

We found the greatest sign on the way to Portland today. Ironic or what?

Friday May 2
Got up in Portland, shopped and waited for Lennie to come back from golf. We began the couple of hours drive to Seattle. We have driven to Seattle before but not to the new house of my brother. They bought a house on a less busy street so the kids could play outside safer. This house is terrific and more roomy than their other home. My brother is slowly fixing it up and has a great spare room for us. We are here till May 7th when we make our way by ferry to Victoria, BC to be with Lennie's brother and family.

We have a very busy few days here with brunches, my nieces communion, some family dinners, and hanging with the kids. So beautiful this new house.