Sunday, September 29, 2013

Storm the Escarpment

What a terrific weekend, we (The Hunger Dames) had September 13-14th at the Storm the Escarpment race in Milton, Ontario.  Having met these ladies just earlier in the year from meeting on Twitter, who knew we could have so much fun biking, running, obstacle coursing, and kayaking.

Thank you ladies for a wonderful weekend, oh and the bruises.

Warmed up and ready to rock. Michelle, Kelly, Carol and I stayed the night before in Milton and easily got to the start line.  What I really liked was the other participants.  They were so supportive of us 40+ chicks and we got lots of recognition of our cool name and shirts.

We set up a sweet camp with all our food, first aid, water, and a change of clothes. Kelly had brought a canvass cover and I brought a tarp, we were cool, dry, and looked like we knew what we were doing.

After a "find the flag" opening, 7 km bike, Kelly and I tackled the escarpment, one hell of a hill was waiting for us.  Not only did you have to run up the hill but you had to run down it too - killer on the quads both ways.

The bike route was totally doable and had a couple of tricky spots and with more confidence I could kill it next time.  Thank you Lennie for letting me borrow your bike, it was perfect.  Mine still has a mystery flat and his was really strong.  I felt great but needed more practice days.

After 8 hours, we completed 5 laps, 55+ km! and became great friends. I was exhausted and hurt from some obstacle course falls.

Not sure if I will do this race again.  You really need to be a terrific, fast, cross country runner in order to not let your team down.  Having great endurance is great but you must be quick.

I had not really trained this summer with our trips out east and west.  My knee has been bothering me and by the end of the day, I could hardly walk :( MRI next week.