Wednesday, June 26, 2013

For Better, For Worse...


Today is our 20th wedding anniversary.  How the hell did that happen?  No, really, how the hell did 2 crazy, intense, competitive, spazy people make to the 20 year mark?

I remember our wedding day perfectly.  The weather was gorgeous, so many friends and family and I remember freaking out.  Not because I didn't want to marry you, but because I felt weird that I was going to be some ones wife. I had already screwed up things in my life and didn't want to screw this up too.
You have stood by and honoured our wedding vows and, well, I have worked hard too but realize today that I have often contributed to the "worse" part of the "for better, for worse" vow.

I owe you an apology.

I am sorry for making you kill all the spiders.
I am sorry for being a bitch most of the time.
I am sorry you only get to play hockey 3 times a week instead of 4.
I am sorry for never putting the paper in the right recycling box.
I am sorry I backed the car on to a curb ripping the bumper off.
I am sorry that I like flannelet pajamas.
Sorry for making you do all the snow removal.
Sorry I laugh at you when you try to say cinnamon, lightning, and mahogany. It really is funny.
I am sorry for moving to Toronto in 1998 leaving you alone.
I am sorry I don't laugh at your jokes.
Sorry I forget to shave my legs.
I am sorry I am not a hugger.
Sorry for the whole marathon running thing - it's almost over.
Sorry for drinking too much wine at Christmas parties.
I am sorry for doubting you about getting a king size bed, it was a good idea.
Sorry for eating all the chocolate from your Advent calendar making you think the manufacturer screwed up.
Sorry I didn't believe you sooner when you said I should meet Scotty's fiancée Meg.
I am sorry for doubting you about driving across the country in the Aztec, and making you drive all 7200km. 
I am sorry that you don't get to be a dad.
I am sorry for getting sick in 2007 and making you worry.
I am sorry for getting cancer and making you look after me.
I am sorry for not being a trophy wife (but I am sure they are bitchy too)

I am not sorry for making you eat more salad and vegetables.
I am not sorry for making you wear a hockey mask when all the other kids don't have to wear 1.
I am not sorry for encouraging you to go into education instead of firefighting.
I am not sorry for the numerous Diet Coke interventions.
I am not sorry for making you buy the house in Oakridge.
I am not sorry I quit golf.
I am not sorry we take separate vacations at March Break.
I am not sorry for turning you into a cat person.
I am not sorry for throwing out your disgusting, ugly, filthy, blue marlin while you were away in Michigan.

I am so excited to start our sabbatical together in January and see the world together, I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else.

Here's to another 20 years...for better or worse.