Monday, April 9, 2012

10 Things To Tell the 23 Year Old Me

There has been a lot of blog posts lately and even some videos on YouTube where people are talking about what they wished they had known when they were younger.  One of my favourites is

I too, wish I had known so many things 20 years ago.  Good and bad, it would have saved a few tears years later.  Here is my list that I would tell my 23 year old self.

1. Fail.  You are going to do this a million times in your life and if you do not get some adapting skills now, you will look like a idiot when you do not get that job at 33 and when you suck at your new found hobby of running at 40 - where you will finish last in a ton of races.  Failure is normal, needed, and important to be continually growing.  You need to learn now that you are not perfect and things are not going to be easy.  Learn to cope now!

2. Stop Worrying About Not Having a Best Friend.  Your elusive search will come to an end when Megan walks into your life in 2000, so for now, enjoy being a friend instead of having one.

3. Start a Bucket List.  Having your dreams written down is the first step to accomplishing them.  You and Lennie will make lists at 38 but trying to cram a lot of stuff in is not easy (and expensive).  Make your list now and start stroking off some of the coolest things ever - you will run a couple of marathons, meet the Backstreet Boys, travel to Africa, and get your Masters so no dream is too big - write them down.

4. Stay the F%^& out of the sun.  Yes, you look better with a tan but the wrinkles that magically appear on your forehead and NEVER go away no matter how much money you spend will be there forever...and get worst.  OK, if you are going to be in the sun, will you at least wear sunscreen and a hat?

5. Be Nicer to Lennie.  Yep, stop being that jealous, moody, freak for so many need to act that way ever!  He will stick around through thick and thin. Oh, and listen to him when he wants to do something fun, don't be a stick in the mud or you will miss out on some really hilarious times.

6. Get Laser Hair Removal.  This is the only really vain and expensive thing I am going to tell you.  It hurts like hell but is totally worth it when you have to go to the hospital in January 2007 and can't shave for 3 weeks.  You will totally feel so much better knowing that under the sheets is not bear's legs.

7. Start Running.  I mean it, I know you are not a runner but I do not want you to start running to torture yourself, I want you to start running as a way to relieve stress.  You are going to need to have an outlet other than food to deal with the stress of work, life, and more work.  Running will help because it will clear your mind AND you will meet the greatest people along the way.

8. Spend more time with your family.  I realize that you do a lot of holidays with them but your grandparents will not be around forever (they will live past their 90s and 100s but still, they are fabulous and worth every minute) Oh, and make sure to take more photos, you will scrapbook for years and appreciate them over and over again.

9. Go to the Doctor Sooner Yes, you are tough and we all know that but, that does not mean you need to suffer for so long, so many times.  You have Crohns disease and at 23 you already know that something is majorly wrong so go get it look after so you do not have to suffer for 15 more years.

10.  Forgive Yourself.  You will make stupid mistakes, say stupid things, hurt people, and yourself.  GET OVER IT.  No one is perfect, and people will forgive you so why not forgive yourself.  Living in regret, pity, and sorrow for so long does no one any good.  You are better than this, stronger than this, and worth it,