Friday, March 23, 2012

Me? Someone to Meet in Heaven?

What is the most humbling experience you have ever had?

I received the following letter at work before Christmas.

You can imagine how something like that makes you feel.  Just for being me?  But, I really don't like me for being just me, why would anyone else? 

Wendy shared that she wanted to acknowledge us for WHO we are and not WHAT we are.  We spend so much of our day being WHAT we are; mothers, teachers, wives, supporters that this evening was about who we are as people; inspiring, funny, ambitious, talented, creative, friendly. 

We met for dinner in late January and it was a remarkable evening.  Just meeting the 4 other women who Wendy admires made me feel so amazing because they were all so unique, talented, smart and genuine.  One was a co worker at Wendy's school, one a former colleague, one a parent on her son's hockey team, and one a neighbour.  It was interesting to talk about how all our lives intersected - kind of a 6 degrees of Wendy exercise.

We laughed for 3 hours at my favourite restaurant (Bertoldis) in London.
Wendy bought some delicious Bellinis for us and then we pigged out on pizza, pasta, and chicken.  More drinks, laughs and the best part of the evening were the stories that everyone shared.  Wendy shared again to the group why she chose all of us and lots of hugs ended the night.

This is definitely something that I will "pay it forward with".  Thank you Wendy for making us all feel so special, you are certainly someone who would be on my heaven list.

Have you read this book?  Who would be on your list?