Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My " New" New Balance Friends

Had the pleasure tonight to speak at the New Balance north store again. I love it when Peter and his team invite me to meet and share my story with their runners in the various clinics.

I was there back in September and shared my "top 10" running hints. I updated the list for tonight and promised I would post it again.

Good luck runners with your journey.

1. Get a subscription to a running magazine.

2. Join http://www.dailymile.com/. It helps track your totals, progress and pace improvements.

3. Practice your finish line photo at the end of every run - arms straight and fingers spread and hold. Don't look at your watch.

4. Acknowledge other runners when you pass with a hello

5. Volunteer for a race

6. Sign up for future races

7. Start a champions wall with all your bibs and medals on it.

8. Read Born to Run by Christopher McDougall or watch the movie Spirit of the Marathon for some history of running, marathons, and to get inspiration. http://www.chrismcdougall.com/blog/

9. Put a schedule, race flyer, photo on the fridge for you and others to see plus get your splits - always something to celebrate

10. Drink chocolate milk. Just like the commercial years ago with the boy who lost the hockey game, it makes everything better

11. Remember there is only 1st and 2nd place in every race. The winner, and everyone else, so you always get at a silver medal

Thanks again Peter and new running friends.