Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back In The Saddle

Today I ran the 10k race of the Forest City Road races. There were many races; 1/2, 10k, 5k, and 1k. All my Biggest Loser friends from Olympic Fitness were there and I wanted to see where I am at with my fitness level after the past 4 months. I have only been running the past couple of weeks but I have been trying to walk and ride my bike to stay active.

The weather was horrible. Two minutes before the race started it poured and continued the whole race plus it was so windy. I was totally soaked and the weight from my shoes, shirt and socks weighed me down. I was remembering that 1 year ago we were in Cincinnati running the Flying Pig 1/2 marathon and we had such great races and fun.

Last night I met the girls and some cycling friends for dinner and I was feeling so excited. However, I did not sleep at all - happens before every race.

Needless to say with all my races there was some good news and bad news.

Good news - set a personal best time
Bad news - still took me 1:17:13
Good news - no pain what so ever
Bad news - I have lost the ability to "get into another gear"
Good news - I wasn't last
Bad news - finished 432/463
Good news - almost kept my pace at my goal of 7:30
Bad news - my pace was 7:46
Good news - wasn't last in my age group or last women
Bad news - I did finish 31/35 in my age group and 289/316 in my gender group
Good news - Lish paced me thru the first 3k at sub 7 pace
Bad news - when she left I fell right off
Good news - I did not do my 10:1s
Bad news - had to walk up the Talbot street hill

I have a lot of work to do before June 5th when Chicago marathon training starts. I will be running the Run For the House 10k race on May 29th and will run 1:15!!!!

I am heading back to work tomorrow and I will do my best to stay positive and be life balanced.