Saturday, May 21, 2011


Recently I have been watching the new TV show called Mad Love. It is a cute comedy about singles in New York but not like Friends, it is more poignant and shows the characters real deal with their flaws.

What I really like is the opening credits in which the creative team has many forms of the word love flash by i.e. true love, crazy love and first love etc.

It always makes me think of a car game Lennie and I have played many times in which we think of a word and the other person has to share a form of the word and you go back and forth until the other person can not think of a word. My favourite one is using the word star - star bright, north star, starlet etc.

So, here is the reason for this week's blog. I have been a tad grumpy and focusing on things I hate because of my frustration with how I am feeling, looking and thinking. So, I thought I should share a list of things I love in order to help focus on positive things.

I LOVE....

My parents - unconditional love
Jeff, John and Dwayne - brotherly love
Lennie - only love
Tigger - my love
Candy - mad love
God - higher love
Teaching - true love
Megan - "real" love
Running - strange love
Gardening - everlasting love
My house - love of my life
Paris - lost love
Utah - unconventional love
Brian S - first love
Traveling - universal love
Cooking and Baking - last love
Nieces and nephews - sweet love
Jack and Emma - baby love
Cancer (yes I love it because of how it has helped me) - tough love
Canada - endless love
Working out - unrelenting love
Slots - blind love
Tom Cruise - puppy love
Scrapbooking - past love
Watching TV - undying love
Back Street Boys - modern love
Eating Vegan - fresh love
Scotty P - indescribable love
My new job - all for love

I know there are many more and would love to hear from you about your loves.