Saturday, January 8, 2011

What is this feeling??

So, the strangest thing happened this morning.  Something that has never happened to me before.  Something I have never felt waking up before (get your mind out of the gutter Scotty)....I woke up...APPRECIATIVE. 

Weird I know. 

My eyes opened and all of a sudden thoughts of happiness came over me.  I had thoughts of so many things that I am appreciative of with my life; my 17.5 year marriage, my beautiful comfortable home, my challenging career, having a best friend, healthy happy family and most of all... my was as if I have finally found contentment.  Sad that in all my 42 years it took me so long to recognize or find this feeling. 

Now I am wondering why.  Why today?  Why now?  What is it about today or right now that has caused these feelings. 

Funny part is that there are many reasons to not be happy (weight, knee pain, wanting to do more at work, couple of friends needing reconnection) but I really don't care - so many other things are so fabulous that my mind is content with what is happening. 

I could not be more pleased.

What do you think it is and how do I keep this feeling going in tough times?