Friday, January 7, 2011

Week WON (this is not a spelling mistake)

Flowers from the department.
I know this is my first week on the job so it should say week one but really I have won!!  I ate lunch 4 out of 5 days, got to pee everyday ;), no yard duty (sorry teacher friends) felt really supported (I always have but it is nice to feel it from new friends :)), and I was not twitchy at all!

First of all, the staff rock.  There are 5 of us in the department.  The team is smart, creative, funny and have really high work ethics!! I love the atmosphere and pace - they will be "keep'n me honest" so I like that.  We have a department meeting every Monday morning - we review the 5 "Cs"; catch up, calendar communication, candor, and closing.  What I liked was that those themes continued throughout the week i.e. "Can I be candid with you?" or "Can we take a look at calendars?" Awesome stuff.

My desk - huge and lots of
working space.

Next, the building rocks.  Everyone and I mean everyone is friendly, calm, funny, busy and willing to help you.

Next, I have participated in some great discussions, panels, teleconferences, meetings and professional development - the reason why it was so great was that I was able to "be there" I wasn't thinking about anything but was happening at the time - got to focus!

Next, I quit the Athletic club.  I know this doesn't sound like I won but I have joined a new club called Olympic Fitness and signed up for their Biggest Loser competition starting on Sunday - 12 weeks - 4 workouts/week - 1:1 support, diet and getting my butt kicked - I have won already.  There are 8 people participating including my friend Rene from work and the rest are men - should be interesting.  The winner at the end of this season of the Biggest Loser wins a 1 year membership.  I am going to work really hard to stick to the plan for the 12+ weeks.  It is being lead by Netherlands shot putter Lieja Tunks who owns the gym with her husband Jason Tunks.

Plus, I have signed up for my next race and clinic to continue my running. 

Do not think that I will burn out - I won't - the timing for the next 12 weeks works great and I am going to work hard to "balance" ( I really hate that word) be flexible with my time and remember to take some time for me - we all know what happens when I don't - we do not need to speak of 2006/2007 do we?

Here is a video of my new office - gorgeous or what.
I have won!

PS AO staff I miss you and kids terribly