Thursday, January 13, 2011

Biggest Loser - week #1

Sunday was the start of the Biggest Loser competition at Olympic Fitness.  There are 7 competitors - me and 6 others.  There are 4 women and 3 men and they are all hilarious.  My friend from work Rene joined along with another teacher's husband that I know and 4 new people.  The program runs until the Sunday after the finale of this season's Biggest Loser on NBC. 

We are were expected to arrive at 8:00am on Sunday to meet Lieja.  We would be weighed in, have our 1st workout, get our diet plan, workout book and Reset Kit (cleanse we do for the first 5 days).  We all arrived and right away I noticed that everyone is very determined to do well but to have fun and encourage each other too. 

Lieja had this work out posted.
As you can see Lieja wanted to kill us the first day.  She made us do 6 stations for 2 minutes each 2 times - no biggie right? Wrong! She then made us rotate to either run on the treadmill at 5.5 on incline while the others did the circuit again and then increase the incline every rotation.  Again, no biggie right?  Wrong! As she then made us go and do the circuit 2 more times!!! Then some abs and some stretching - 2 1/2 hours later....
Rene and I looked like this...

When I got home Sunday, first of all I was freaking starving and made me and Lennie oatmeal and then I couldn't walk for the rest of the day and felt like I had just just been hit by a truck.  Holly smokes...and I call myself an athlete NOT.

Monday morning came and the RESET cleanse started.  3 shakes, 2 protein bars, servings of fruits and vegetables.  No coffee etc.  I got the biggest headache Monday night and was a bear at home. (I also was soooooo very sore)  Tuesday was not bad as I have been going upstairs to Rene's office and we make the shakes with the blender she brought to work - several weird looks when staff heard the strange sound coming from the office.  Still sore but feeling better.

Tuesday night we were expected at the gym to do the "fitness test" 5 mile bike ride, 3.1 mile run and 100-35 pound chest presses - no problem right? Wrong?  We were freaking starving and it took us forever.  My recorded score from start to finish - meaning they started the watch as soon as you started peddling and stopped the clock when your past chest press was done was...wait for it...1:18 arggggggggggg.  They don't care how long it takes you to do the items as they keep the clock running.  So, at 1 point I got off the treadmill to get some water and the clock was still ticking - arggggg.

This is just like "stop sign" in Utah.  I know I can do 59 minutes and plan on killing it next time.  I could barely run I was so tired and sweaty.  The only thing that was good about the whole situation was that we all sucked and struggled through it.  The RESET cleanse thing is only 5 days long so I just have 1 more day to get through and actually I have grown to really like the taste, ease and simplicity of this week while my muscles continue to recover for tonight's workout and the rest of the 13 weeks.  So far we have not yelled at Lieja yet for trying to kill us but I can see it coming :)

Jason, the gym owner and Lieja's husband told us the record for the "fit test" is by a guy named Dave and it is 34 minutes - great motivation or what - shut up Jason!!