Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello 2011

I am pretty excited.  Tonight is the night before my new job starts, I got back into training for a 30km run in March and I actually got my hair done.  I know, I know boring to all you folks but in my little world, this is all big stuff.
I ran the 5km Resolution Run on December 31st with my best bud Megan and we had a great time.  It was really warm (5 degrees) and rainy but we didn't care.  Neither of us had run in a awhile (she has a sore knee and work took over for me) and we still felt great and had a great run.  We then went back to Megan's house where we enjoyed New Years with the husbands and Megan's 2 kids.
Today I got up and ran the 7km loop I love and felt terrific.  It was freezing (-6) but it felt great.  I saw over 100 runners and walkers this morning so it felt like old times. 
I have registered to run a 30km race in March and am excited to try the distance.  It is the oldest race in North America - Around the Bay in Hamilton.  Cool fact is that you finish inside Copps Coliseum - great idea as spectators can stay warm and when you finish you can dry off inside.  I am excited to start the big training over again. 
I am not going to lie, I was burned out from the marathon.  The race is not the burning out part, it is the 19 week training plan.  I have lots of new tactics for this spring in order to not burn out so we will see if my plan works.  Most of all, I should feel and do better as the emotional side of planning to run a marathon is over.  The self doubt that creeps in at night kept me awake for weeks and that led to a terrible cold the week of Chicago - not this time I am telling you!
As for the hair thing, I needed to spruce things up a little for the big new job tomorrow.  We just got back from seeing my parents in Florida and I was able to purchase some new Jones New York outfits and shoes. I am happy to be off doing yard duty for awhile and therefore be able to wear some skirts and nice shoes without worrying if I need to go outside sometime during the day to get a kid off the yard.
Welcome 2011 I am ready for whatever you bring.