Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 7 - The 12 miler!

Calories in - 1211
Calories out - ?? as I took my Polar off at lunch at 2000 calories

No hike today (see below) :(

Breakfast - bowl melon, granola and soy milk - delicious
Lunch - Asian Chicken wrap with roasted pepper soup
Dinner - Tamales with Banana Cream pie

Training Schedule
12 mile run with Lindsay on the treadmills as the local hikes were canceled due to a lightning storm.
Water volleyball
Reflexology and tanning by the pool
Graduation ceremony and DVD watching
Laser Quest and games

We were very disappointed this morning when the hikes were canceled as Lindsay and I had a 19km run schedule as per our marathon training. We were going to run an easy hike for 8 miles and then finish the rest back at the ranch - no luck so we were stuck running on the treadmills - we did well but our legs feel like lead today - I finished much stronger after hitting a wall at 6 miles.

Had my reflexology appt. this afternoon so my feet and body feel great now. We all rested, read and chatted by the pool after that waiting for dinner and the graduation fun.

At 7:15 we all piled in the vans and headed to the local Laser Tag and mini golf place and had a riot for 90 minutes running around shooting each other.

I got to watch a movie outside last night - Brothers - it was so cool being under the Milky Way watching a movie - first time I have ever watched a movie without consuming 3 buckets of popcorn - kind of refreshing actually. After the movie, we laid on the pool deck looking at shooting stars and an unbelievable sky.

Tomorrow is my favorite day - we get to rest and watch all the new people arrive. It is fun to think about where we were a week ago and think about the tough week ahead for week 1ers. I don't want to jinx it but I feel so great, thinner (my shorts did up very easily today) and tighter. I am so glad that I booked 3 weeks to really get my weight, attitude and strength where it needs to be.

Thank you to everyone for your well wishes, I am so glad that everyone is on this adventure with me. I know that it will make my Chicago marathon so much more successful and enjoyable, not to mention more positive and healthy choices the rest of my life.