Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 8 - Movie day

Calories - 1211
Calories out - ?? didn't even wear my watch today

Breakfast - granola and bowl of fruit - long story read below
Lunch - bag lunch of chicken salad, veggies, soup and an apple
Dinner - chicken with spaghetti squash, broccoli and tiramisu

None - thank goodness

Last night we sat out till 1:00am watching the incredible storms travelling through this part of the country - unbelievable lightning, rains and winds. Today we woke up to continual storms and no power - it never came on so at lunch we hitch a ride to the airport where our friend Robert rented a car for the week and we got to go to a movie 'The Other Guys", Costco and Best Buy. It was great to get off campus again. While at Costco we looked at all kinds of food we have talked about in our classes and got a better idea about calories, healthy choices and not so healthy choices.

We came back to the ranch to do laundry and greet the first weekers, and have dinner. Then we had more time so we hit the movie theatre again to see Charlie St. Cloud. Even the guys cried while I only shed a few tears. Did I mention that we did NOT consume ANY snacks - amazing when I always did the all you can eat bucket and all you can drink soda - amazing - we just ate our bagged lunches in the PM and fruit in the evening - great practicing of our learned skills.

The 1st weekers look excited but nervous like everyone was there first time here but again, lots of Canadians are here so it is fun to meet and greet them all.

Tomorrow it all starts over again with a hike assessment. Van 4 returnies hope that we are together again.

Cheers to all.