Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 6 - Bye Bye Van 4

Calories in - 1289
Calories out - 3326
Hiking guides - Megan, Alex, Zac and Robert

Breakfast - delicious yogurt, fruit and granola parfait
Lunch - Parsnip soup with a Caesar salad
Dinner - Turkey burger with coconut sorbet

Training schedule
7.5 k hike (one of the hardest) White Rocks
4 mile bike ride
Stretch class
Lecture - preparing for next week
Circuit class
H2O moves
Heba - Guest speaker

Today was a TOUGH hike. We are so tired and we had to start in Snow Canyon and walk to the top but through miles and miles of sand while climbing huge mountains/hills. Thank goodness that I decided to wear my hiking boots today as there was a ton of volcanic rock. Last year I did this hike but is was called "reverse" because we walked from the top to the bottow - not today!! we did the bottom to the top - tough stuff. This is a photo of our van at the beginning of the hike and there is also a photo of our team at the top of piano rock.

This is the last day for van 4 as tomorrow we can sign up for any hike we want and Monday we get reassessed again with the new guest. Several of our van mates are leaving so we will have some new ones - hopefully they are fun and funny too.

We got to do "open gym" today which means you get 45 minutes to do any activity you want. Last year, lazy sore feet me would always chose the pool, today I got on the bikes they have here and pedalled up to through the houses to the base of the huge mountain park behind here - what a great feeling and I burned 420 calories doing that plus, it is an activity that Lennie and I can easily do at home - they like you to learn the transferable skills.

Tomorrow afternoon after all our activities, I am having reflexology done (I love it as I have had it done before at the Elmhurst) Then I am off to play doubles tennis for the first time in a million years.

My buddy Daniel snapped this photo of me climbing through some very tight caverns this morning - thank goodness we had shade.

Tonight, Heba the at home winner of the Biggest Loser season 6 spoke to all of us as this is her last day. She told about her adventures, the show and what she and her husband are up to now. It was motivational and she speaks well.