Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 5 - Stop sign :)

Calories in - 1209 + an apple
Calories out - 3245

Hiking guides - Alex, Janna, and Pam

Breakfast - Bacon and Egg sandwich with a bowl of fruit :)
Lunch - Greek Pita with French onion soup :( gross so I had toast, banana and almonds instead
Dinner - Stuff chicken with Peach Cobbler :)

Training schedule
'Stop Sign" hike - 4.3 miles from 3100 feet to 4300 feet
Stretch class
"Gym class" - Kick ball at the park
Cooking Demo
Total Body H2O
Ball Works
Treading - the killer incline class
Lecture - Increasing your calorie income
I know everyone is wondering about how I did on the hike since I have been focusing on doing a great time for over a year. I did great 1:09:58 - I know it is not 1:05 as I wanted but really, it is Thursday, we are all very tired, and I was slower on the bottom section then I wanted to be but... I never stopped, I never put my hands on my hips, I did not lean on my thighs and I ran my 10:1s for the first half and ran the last 1/4 mile with my bud Lance from Montana cheering me on PLUS I felt great at the end - again, I am so happy with my fitness level that I was only disappointed with my time for about 30 seconds and then I was so pleased with myself. Next week we are doing it again and I know I will reach my goal. (Lindsay ran it in 56 minutes - sweet time or what - I told her she could break an hour!!!) The photo is of our team today, Lindsay, Lance from Montana and Daniel from Milwaukee at the lookout which is at the top of the hike.

This morning we got to do something cool and new. They have a class called "Gym Class" we had no idea what that meant so we chose it over the pool. It literally was a gym class from when we were in school. The trainer took us to the park and we played kick ball - kind of like soccer baseball in Canada. We had a riot. It was hot but we ran through the splash pad on the way back. Our team won and here is our group photo.

We just heard some great news for next week as Michael Ventrella, Season 9 winner, Koli Palu, the at-home winner, and Ashley Johnston are coming and staying for a week. I think this is awesome as I enjoyed meeting the contestants Fillipe and Sione last year. They will get to learn and experience the Fitness Ridge 4 point philosophy of nutrition, fitness, education and relaxation.

We are very tired tonight but continue to feel terrific. Lindsay feet are driving her a little nuts as she has some blisters and I twisted my ankle today playing kick ball but that will not get us down. We are still continuing with our marathon training schedule and will be doing a 19km run here on Saturday (we are not suppose to do anything on Sunday - serious day of rest - no problems here)