Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 4 - The great volcano

Calories in - 1209 + 1/2 a banana
Calories out - 3224 - 1200 on the hike alone!!!
Hiking Guides - Marjorie, Sandy, Janna, and Alex

Breakfast - Fruit and a PB&J panini - delicious!!!
Lunch - Greek Pizza with pumpkin soup
Dinner - Salmon with Orzo and a fresh fruit skewer - the dreaded salmon yuck - did I eat it? Look down to see.

Training Schedule
6.5 km hike - Volcano - really tough but beautiful
Core strength & posture workshop
water Aerobics
Lecture - Emotional Eating Part II
Kick boxing
Mountain treadmill
H2O Circuit
Lecture - Intuitive Eating

Another terrific day here at Fitness Ridge - really tough hike up a mountain they call Volcano. It was 4 miles long while going from 4000 feet to 4500 feet elevation. I had never completed the hike last year as I was in a slower group so we only went so far - but this year, I made it all the way to the top and the cinder cone which was a tad dangerous - many people fell coming down. I only hit a volcano rock and cut my leg but we are all good - it was also very sandy and had sooooo much sand in our shoes by the end. I hiked with Van 4 today and my friends Pam from Chicago and Molly from Georgia kept me going -thanks girls.

We had a lot of classes today so the dreaded Wednesday tiredness has set in and everyone is a little quieter. Not me, I feel amazing!!!! little tired, but amazing. The food continues to be wonderful and it is so nice to have someone cooking and telling me what to eat. I know that my choices when it comes to what I eat and how much is the problem. Coming here takes all that away and allows me to learn and feel what appropriate amounts are.

Look mom I ate the whole bowl - yucky stuff but I put a ton of pepper on it and a ton of Tabasco to cover up the fish flavor.

Tomorrow is going to be great as we have another 6 hours of classes and the weather continues to be gorgeous. I have been wearing sunscreen, my visor and glasses all day long and it has really helped with the skin situation from last year. Also they added a shower by the pool so you can quickly get the chlorine off. Because I have not been as tired, I have been able to shower BEFORE dinner and then get moisturizer on as to not be sitting for dinner and the lecture with sweat or chlorine on - great changes all around.

Today is Lindsay's birthday so we had everyone sing happy birthday to her and they brought her dinner's fruit skewer with a candle in it. It was fun.

Tomorrow we are doing the "stop sign" hike (the reason I came back!!!) so I will report my results - 1:05 or better this week is the goal - I can do it!!!!!