Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 3 - Gila Monster

Calories in - 1149 + an apple
Calories out - 3250 (just the 13 hours that I wore my Polar)
Hiking Guides - Marjorie, Travis and Alex - awesome and fun

Breakfast - Bowl of fruit and Peach Muffin
Lunch - Quinoa and lettuce wrap with tomato soup
Dinner - Sheppard's pie with chocolate covered strawberries :)

Today's workout schedule
9 km hike - Gila - really tough but beautiful
Emotional Growth Class
Stretch class - love doing it after our long hikes
Calorie Challenge - we lost badly
Cooking Demo - love to learn about the products they use
Total Toning - weight training
H2O Intervals - tough lap swim
Cardio Intervals - holly smokes - run on a treadmill as fast as you can for 45 minutes - kill me
Lecture - Spending calories Part 2 - "we eat stuff and we need to eat food"

Well, what an awesome day. I have been put in the fast intermediate hiking group so I got to hike the Gila trail - trail my ass - how about 6 miles through volcanic ass, up 50 stairs to a cave and then another 1000 feet up - holly smokes. Burned 1200 calories just on the hike itself. We learned about "desert varnish" which is the photo to the left. The early native people drew on the rocks and this is a beautiful example.

We had a great lecture today after breakfast called Emotional Growth Workshop. It was led by Jennifer the life coach. It was pretty teary to hear everyone's stories as she made us make a chart about how we view ourselves - the healthy views and the unhealthy views. It made me sad to hear how people view themselves when they are all beautiful and special/ Most of the time while people were sharing I was thinking about how mean people have been to them or kids at school at an early age making fun of the way people look. My list was more about my personality traits that I do not like about myself so I was able to reflect on how likely I really am having such a great childhood, marriage and life now.

Lindsay and I are having a great time. Our room is beautiful, cool and so clean. She makes a great roommate. I am so thrilled with all the people here this week. Daniel from Chicago and Robert from Alaska are wonderful buds to compete with during our classes. The other great thing about this year is that I am so much stronger - mentally and physically, mind you, tomorrow is going to be a long workout day.

My feet are perfecto - no blisters or bruises. My ankles, knees and shoulders are great - so far Catherine 1 Fitness Ridge 0.

Good night all.