Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 2 - What a difference a year makes

Calories in - 1167
Calories out - 3245
Hiking Guides - Don, Pat and Megan

Breakfast - Egg and sausage sandwich with a bowl of fruit
Lunch - Tortilla Soup with a turkey sandwich
Dinner - Chicken and Polenta with a fruit parfait

Today's workout schedule
9 km hike
Stretch class
Mountain treadmill class
Lecture - Body Budget
Deep water Suspension
Circuit training
Core training
Lecture - Spending calories

I know everyone is dying to hear what my time for the "stop sign" route was well... we didn't do it! I was so mad because that is a big goal of mine. They have changed the hiking assessment to a group hike and they then put you into groups for the rest of the week based on your ability. I was put in van 4 with Lindsay, Daniel from Milwaukee, and Pam from Chicago. We did the Anastasia route and it was beautiful. When we were done, we were all placed in the fast intermediate hiking group for the rest of the week - awesome as last year I was a beginner. Apparently, we will be doing stop sign later in the week - stay tuned.

We are pooped - good night and cheers to all.