Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 1 - Keys to success

We made it!!!! After a fun filled time in Vegas we arrived at the resort today and what great changes since I was last here last year. With the Biggest Loser now associated it has created some great changes; new staff, updated classes, smoother transitions and great updates to the facilities.
I am so excited as my friend Rina from last year is going to be here and as Lindsay and I were on our tour guess who is here from the TV show the Biggest Loser - remember Heba - season 6 winner - she is here and looks terrific.
I got weight in and here are this year's stats.

Weight - a lot
Chest - double something
Belly - round
Hips - they don't lie
Fat - unfortunately
Body Mass Index - still big

So you are probably wondering why I haven't put the actually numbers, is because I do not care about the actual numbers. I have set different goals this year and focusing on the numbers is not part of it. Getting healthier, fitter and mentally stronger are this year's keys!

Another amazing thing is that my best bud from last year Rauni and her husband Kal are here from Vancouver - best surprise ever as she and her sister in law were the ones who got me doing the tough hikes and really pushed me last year. What a great day we have had.

There are 11 Canadians here this week of the 60 or so guests. There is even a guy from Alaska. Another interesting point is that the staff from the new Malibu Fitness Ridge are here this week as guest so that they get the "guest experience". Neat.