Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 19 - Nice Day

Calories in 1139
Calories out - 2980

Breakfast - bowl of fruit with a peanut butter, jam, and banana sandwich
Lunch - Hawaiian pizza with Tortilla soup
Dinner - Stuffed Chicken with wild rice and chocolate dipped strawberries

Hiking guides - Sandy, Kendal and Don

Training schedule
Hike - 9 miles argggg
Nutrition workshop
Gym class - went 2 - 1 in kickball - was not happy to have lost
Planning strategies workshop
Open Gym
Ball works
Treading - got to level 9 on the treadmill for the first time!!!
Total Body H2O - was hurt'n by this time but we are finishing strong
Increasing your income workshop

Last night before I went back to the room I ran into Marie the reflexologist and massage therapist here. She asked if I had been sleeping and I send no so she gave me a massage, new pillow and some meditation to work through - I feel asleep right away and slept 5 hours - really good for me. Plus, there was a huge thunderstorm and I didn't hear a thing.

This morning the rains had washed a lot of the trails so it was a bit easier to hike. We did the Anasazi trail plus walked back to Fitness Ridge - just under 9 miles total. Cool.

The rest of the day went really well. We kicked butt in Core class and I used the 5 pound weights and did not cheat. Then we went to Treading class (the one where you go hard for 5 minutes, rest for 5, go for 4 minutes, rest for 4 etc. ) and I was able to do the 1 minute and 30 second intervals on level 9 - the trainer was on 12 and it was unbelievable to see - Daniel did it too and it was a riot to see how fast your feet must go.

Food today was terrific and the jewellery lady came - I wanted to get Megan a gift but I ended up buying myself a ring - sorry Meggie!! Lennie called and let me know he comes home tonight so that makes me happy that the cat, house and pool can now have someone there full time. My mom has spent a lot of time with Tigger this summer so he has had his 'grandma' time.

Tomorrow we are hiking "Central Park" apparently for our last hike it is tough but beautiful. For sure I am going to get pictures as this will be it for the hiking. I am not going to do the stop sign route as I feel I have hit my goal of improving my time - plus I want to hike for the last time with my buds in van 2.

I am feeling great and can not believe that tomorrow is our last full day - great news is that we get Zumba tomorrow - the Latin dancing class - and we all love it! I am getting my hair cut on Saturday before graduation so I should look decent for the first time since being here. I didn't bring any nice clothes and have looked like a drowned cat most days - sweating does wonders for your looks :(

Tomorrow night we are off to see Tarzan and several people now have been able to get tickets so it will be fun to be at the theatre together.