Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 18 - Yucky start - Great finish

Calories in - 1199
Calories out - 3320 (1500 on the hike alone)

Breakfast - fruit with an egg sandwich
Lunch - French onion soup with a Greek pita - yucky - ate the cereal instead
Dinner - Salmon steak with grilled pineapple

Hiking guides - Sandy, Zac, Kendal and trainee Matt

Training schedule
Open Gym - took a nap - see below
Open Gym - tennis at the park
H2O circuit

I am not going to lie to you, I did not want to get up this morning and hike. I totally woke up on the wrong side of the bed. We had the hardest hike to do called Awesome Chasm It started with a 1.6 mile hike through sand, then 1000 feet straight up in which I fell and scrapped the crap out of my side, arm and leg, then 2 miles of sand/rock to the van. I was so grumpy the whole time!!! I did get 2 nice pictures at the top but my group is so fast that I just hung at the back with trainee Matt and we chatted the whole time. There was the most beautiful yet dangerous scenic sights but it really didn't help get me out of my funk. It is really hard to push yourself when you can not get to a positive talk spot. I tried but this was so hard, high and long. We didn't get back till 9:50, ate breakfast and had no down time before open gym.
Then I looked at today's menu and knew that I would not be liking the lunch OR the dinner :( So, I decided I needed to take a minute or I was going to kill someone so instead of open gym I went back to the room and got under the covers for 15 minutes to regroup. I changed and came back out for stretch class a new woman!!!

The rest of the day was terrific. One of the trainers in one of the classes yelled out "what is everyone else doing for themselves today?" and we all cheered as we know just how lucky we are and that we must continue to embrace this opportunity. Another one in the last class of the day reminded us that we are still working out after all that we have done earlier in the day - I felt so strong. Mom, I even ate all the salmon at dinner - it wasn't THAT bad. (one of the dietitians here taught us that we need to try something 15-20 times before we decide if we do not like it - well, I am on try #13 for the salmon and it is starting to grow on me.
I plan on having a great sleep tonight as another tough hike is right around the corner - 2 more hikes to go and 3 more workout days. I can't believe it is coming to an end. I am so happy that I am here for 3 weeks. It has helped me realize that it is ALL about eating. You can eat whatever you want but you must be prepared to work it off - do you know how hard it is to burn 500 calories - try a hike in Utah!!!!