Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 17 - Stop sign AGAIN!!!

Calories in - 1201
Calories out - 3141

Breakfast - Yogurt and fruit parfait
Lunch - Tomato soup with Turkey sandwich
Dinner - Enchiladas with Coconut/Chocolate sorbet

Hiking guides - Sandy and Kendal

Training Schedule
Hike - Stop sign route
Calorie challenge - got 2 answers correct this time
Open Gym - went for bike ride with Robert
Cardio intervals - killer class
Total Toning - too tough to do after killing ourselves in Cardio
Movie night

So I am now in Van 2 with the fast crazy hikers but today we had our pavement route aka - stop sign. I was thrilled because I was so tired and dehydrated from yesterday. We got to Snow Canyon and I was not feeling it this morning to try and break 1 hour on Stop Sign. I started slowly but my friend Daniel said to take it easy on the bottom and kill it on the top section. He is nuts so I really didn't listen to him because the running was so hard. I got to the turn and just kept on running as I knew I needed to make up a lot of time - I was last at this point anyways. I kept going and saw the top where Daniel was walking back down - not a good sign as that means I am way over an hour. Then Don and Pat from Denver were walking back down too but to my surprise they all started running back up the top with me cheering me on - pretty cool as last week we got to do that for someone. They were yelling and telling me to have a longer stride so I just kept going and when I hit my watch it read 1:03:18 - unbelievable as that is the fastest ever and I felt so lousy - well not once I saw my time - I was thrilled. Daniel then said that we would walk all the way to the bottom to finish it off - holly smokes - 2 hours and 15 minutes of running/walking and we walked right to the bottom and got picked up - I am always shocked at what the body can do. I know I have not broken 1 hour yet so Daniel suggested that I sneak onto a different van on Friday and try for the 59 minutes - I think I will do that but do not tell anyone :)

The food today was my favourite - I adore the breakfast parfait as it is so big, the tomato soup was amazing the the enchiladas were delicious. I really believe the food is so much better than last year - Chef Cameron is still here but has published another book and so his focus is always to be improving.

Something else cool this week is that I am in red group - they put us in groups each week so that the classes are evened out - ie when we are in the pool, some other group is in stretch etc. The cool thing is that our group has had perfect attendance at all the classes - this is a huge improvement from last week when guests really didn't understand that the classes were not a choice but mandatory. This week's guests are really motivated and fun.

Someone told me today that I look terrific and fit - I loved that description. So far my skin and feet are still surviving. I am so pleased that I have been wearing lotion and a hat all day everyday and that really helps.

Tomorrow we are off for a tough hike again but apparently it is beautiful with lots of things to climb up and over - cool.