Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 16 - Tough hike - long day

Calories in - 1189
Calories out - 3321

Breakfast - Egg and bacon sandwich with a bowl of fruit
Lunch - Artichoke soup :( with Tilapia Tacos :(
Dinner - Wasabi potatoes and chicken with Cranberry sorbet

Hiking guides - Deb, Marjorie, Zac and Robert

Training Schedule
Hike - 9 miles - see below for tough start to the day
Emotional Eating lecture
Mountain class - level 15 on the treadmill - yahoo
Open Gym - tennis at the park
Cardio Circuit
Core Class - my abs are killing me
H2O Deep water

Today's hike was the most difficult so far. Firstly, I was in a van with VERY fast hikers. Secondly, we went to hike Gila which we have done before but that is not what we did. Gila is normally an out and back hike but this time we continued over the mountain and got on a new trail called Chuckwalla. Then just for fun the group was so fast they continued back around the mountain and did turtle rock and Jen's hill - holly smokes!!!! It ended up being 2:45 minutes and 9 miles - my feel hurt for the first time this trip. I finished last and a good .2 of a mile behind the group :(. I had a bit of meltdown and then decided that I would think that this week will be like the last 6 miles of the marathon. Take each day as well as I can and get through it and then move to the next day like the next mile.

The van lists are posted for this week and I am with the same crazy fast group for the week. The good news is that "stop sign" is tomorrow so I do not have to worry about the speed part as it is just get up as fast as you can to the top.

The temperature is also very hot this week. With no wind and lots of sun it was tougher in and around the gyms/pool.

I got to talk to Lennie last night on is golf adventure and he sounds like he is having a great time.

Off to bed so I can prep for "stop sign" - will be tough as I am pooped.