Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 14 - 18 miles or 29 km done!

Calories in 1156
Calories out - 1,000,000

No hike today as Lindsay and I had a long run.

Check out the menu photo - it is located everyday in the dinning area so you can count your calories and check out what we will be eating. Best food day so far!!!

I woke up this morning at 4:30am as I needed over 4 hours in the cool to run our 18 miles or 29km as per our marathon training. I am shocked to say that I completed it, feel fantastic, did it in just over 4:15 and then went on a day trip to Zion National Park - amazing when just 6 months ago I was just running 10km and thinking that was far. Robert had mapped us out a 6 mile loop so we were able to return and refill with water and head out again. The sun came up as I finished my 2nd lap and then full sun for the 3rd lap. It was great and safe as I saw Lindsay on all the laps and even the hiking vans went by a couple of times. What a great feeling to know that I will be able to finish the marathon in October.

Zion National park is gorgeous. We took the shuttle to different stops and when we got to the top we found that you have access to the Virgin River and can wade in and out. This helped my feet feel better as they were a little tired from this morning. We learned at the park the oldest rocks at Zion are the youngest at the Grand Canyon - unbelievable when you see these one to imagine that some are older.
I learned an interesting trick the other day that I would like to share - it is called HALT - stands for hungry, angry, lonely or tired. We have been throwing it around when you see that someone is a little down - you ask them - "which letter?" and they tell you and it seems to get people out of a funk.

Tonight was Lindsay's graduation. This weeks video is very good and everyone said some good speeches. I am trying to think what I will say next week as I bid adieu on Fitness Ridge 2010.

Next week we have the new location Malibu trainers here doing the program with us. I think they will be a big motivator for all of us as they really want to be here and it is there job.

Tomorrow we are resting all day and hitting the movie theatres again :)