Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 13 - Stop sign Take 2

Well, Friday the 13th was a great day. We are totally burned out - today we had the dreaded "stop sign" hike and I was going to get up that hill as fast as I could. Last night I spoke with this great guy named Jim from San Fransisco who is a retired firefighter. He gave me some great running advice and it worked!!!! I ran the bottom section really fast as he says the top part you can only do so much with. I never looked at my watch once until I hit stop at the top. It read 1:03:39 - sweet or what. That is 6 minutes off of last weeks time. (Lindsay ran it in 51 minutes and Daniel was just behind that.) The best part of the day was when our friend Janet from Washington finally got to the top on her 2nd try under 2 hours. There was lots of tears and hugs.

Tomorrow Lindsay and I have to run 18 miles as part of our marathon training. Tonight we had the dreaded salmon burger for dinner and I ate the whole thing knowing that I need the energy for tomorrow.

After our 1/2 day program tomorrow we are driving to Zion National Park to take some photos and hang out with Lindsay on her last day - boo hoo - my new roommate is named Kim from California.

We hit the movies again tonight to see the new Julia Roberts movie Eat Pray Love - a book I really enjoyed. It was a good movie with some fabulous looking sights (and men).

Off to bed as I am getting up early to run in the cool dark for the first couple of miles - we found a 6 mile loop that returns to Fitness Ridge and that way we can hit the bathroom and restock water.