Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 12 - Saddle and Treading

Calories in 1091
Calories out - a ton!!

Breakfast - Hot Muesli with fruit
Lunch - Mushroom soup with a turkey sandwich
Dinner - Stuff Peppers with vanilla pie

Hiking guides - Kerry, Tracy and Alex

Training Schedule
Hike - Saddle - the toughest but most beautiful one.
Nutrition workshop
Stretch Class
Open Gym - went biking up the ridge
Treading (not a typo I did this class 2x)
Ball work

Treading is the killer class, it is the one where you pick a piece of cardio equipment (the first time I chose a spin bike and the 2nd time I chose a treadmill). You start off going as fast and hard as you can for 5 minutes then you get a 5 minute rest, then you go hard again for 4 minutes with a 4 minute rest etc. down to 30 second intervals. The spin bike was tough but I knew that I could have pushed harder so instead of going to the pool class I went back in for a 2nd go. The treadmill was tough but really fun and I was able to run faster for longer than I have ever!

Our hike to today was amazing. We did one called Saddle - which is named for the formation between to mountains. It literally starts off never the outdoor theatre build into the mountain (Tucahan) an you climb and I mean climb for 35 minutes. We all made it to the top and this is our photo. The rest of the climb is over, under and even through unbelievable petracliffs and land formations. We got to the end and we crossed West Canyon road so some of you ran back 1 more mile. It was a very great morning.

Did I tell you that we went bowling last night - well tried to...Robert threw his first ball and slid over the line, slipped and fell back hitting his head and needed an ambulance. It was very scary for a very moments but he is fine today. He did not hike and took it easy during the classes. Poor guy, his eyes had rolled back into his head and he had no idea what was going on - they asked him what day of the week it was and we all laughed because really, we have no idea what the date of day it. Oh, it is my big bro Johnny's b-day today so that means August 12th. Happy birthdayJohnny.

Tomorrow we have the "stop sign" hike so you know what that means...I will be going as fast as I can to get closer to that 1 hour mark.

Oh, I also was able to get us all tickets to see the Broadway show Tarzan at the outdoor theatre again this year. We are lucky as it was sold out but I was so how able to snag some tickets on line. We are going next Friday to celebrate almost being done.

Talk to you tomorrow.