Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 11 - Tetter Totter

Calories in - 1211
Calories out - 2850

Breakfast - Strawberry muffin with a bowl of fruit
Lunch - BBQ pizza with beet soup
Dinner - Chicken Fajita salad with mango sorbet
Hiking guides - Dennis, Tracy and Alex - we have them all week

Training schedule
Hike - 6KM - Teeter Totter Rock - my favourite, favourite favourite!!!!
Stretch class
Open gym - swam in the pool after I had a little nap
H2O circuit

Did anyone see the unbelievable meteor last night. We were sitting out and saw the most amazing comet/meteor go across the whole sky. I have never seen anything like that before and know that it is bringing me good luck. I finally got some sleep and had a great hike today. We got through to 3rd ravine, up to the bat cave, teeter totter rock, the cliff hanger and back down again. It was my favourite from last year and continues to be challenging and fun. Lots of great photos taken today. When we got to the bat cave the camera guy was there to capture all of us together - it was fantastic as another group was coming up in the opposite direction so we all got to be together for photos and fun. The other group was really challenged to get to the bat cave and my buddy Janet even cried when she made it to the top so we were all so happy for her. The hikes are not easy and I take for granted my crazy stubbornness to push through the muscle pain, heat and rocks to get to the top. It was really emotional to see some people who have never been able to walk this far let alone hike up this distance to enjoy the cool geological sights of Utah - totally made my week.

Someone asked if we get snacks during the day...nope, nothing other than the food at the 3 meals. Now, there is fruit out all day and they expect you to eat 1 piece sometime (I eat mine before the hike) Also, there is a small salad bar during meals but it is all extra so I have never touch it. Lindsay and I hit the great place today where we have no cravings, are really full after the meals and are not that hungry. When you eat whole foods, lots of fibre and slowly, guess to not overeat!

Someone finally said I look like I have lost weight - thank goodness (OK it was Lindsay but I will take it) as I see everyone else melting before me. Really I do not care as I know that I am so much stronger and faster than I have been in years and that is why I am here so the thinner part is a big bonus.
Oh, I forgot to mention - my feet are PERFECT and not a blister or any soreness in sight. Also, I am not having any skin issues like I did last year. Mostly because I am not in the water as much, they have a shower to rinse off now and I get to the room shower before dinner so that I can moisturize!!!!! I am so happy as that all wrecked my time here last year. Today makes the 1/2 point and we are all feeling so strong and happy.
See you tomorrow.