Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 10 - 2 months till Chicago

Calories in - 1229
Calories out - not sure as I did not wear my Polar today but it was a lighter day

Breakfast - Tropical Smoothie and English Muffin
Lunch - Tomato sandwich, salad and Squash soup
Dinner - Penne with chocolate covered strawberries

Hiking guides - Dennis, Alex and Tracy

Training schedule
Hike - Camel back - my favourite
Emotional growth workshop part II
H2O circuit class
Calorie challenge - we lost again
Open gym - went and played tennis
Cardio Intervals
Total Toning
H2O Intervals

Today was weird. Everyone was in a grumpy/ weird mood. It all started on the hike when I couldn't get my mind to communicate with my legs and I was slow but then I got into it and went farther into this hike then I did last year. I completed the whole hike, including the "dragon's back" part and the final incline. The photo is of me, Lindsay and our friend Daniel on the top by the part they call the vortex. We could not go down in it this week as it was full of rain - maybe next week. The other photo is of me and my friend from Alaska Robert. He is a 56 year old retired navy guy and so nice to me and Lindsay. He is the one that rented the car and drives us to the movies and shopping. He is losing a ton of weight and feeling great - I think I have lost some weight - I noticed my ankles this morning :)

Food was pretty good today but I didn't really like the dinner - it was over cooked. The photo is of yesterday's dinner - amazing!!! They are teaching us to leave a morsel of food at each meal to get use to not overeating. We are continually be taught that food is fuel and nothing else. So many of us talked about how it is love. We love to cook, eat and spend time with our families eating but I will not be eating as much now as I am learning that it takes 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your head that it is full so if I eat slower than I will not eat as much. Still get the love and the fuel needed but not overdoing it.

We had a great toning class today and I used heavy weights than I have ever before. I also loved going and playing tennis - totally loved being outside and smashing the ball back and forth.

Tonight I realized that we are 2 months to the Chicago marathon. This Saturday we are running our 29km long run in preparation. I am really looking forward to it to test how fast and how long it will take me. Got to get to bed as I have not really slept again this year - argggggg.