Thursday, July 29, 2010

2 sleeps till Fitness Ridge

Ok, here I am in Vegas and I have just run my 6.5 miles this morning in keeping with my marathon training. I can not tell you how excited Lindsay and I are for our adventure to Fitness Ridge on Sunday.

I have set 2 major goals for when I am there this year.
Firstly, I will get up the "stop sign" route in under 1 hour.
Secondly, I will get all my runs/training in as per the Running Room's training schedule.

Saturday morning, Lindsay and I are getting up and running our 26 km in the gym here at Planet Hollywood. The gym is free and terrific so we thought that we would keep on plugging so that we do not affect our goals for sub 5 and sub 6 marathons in October.

Oh, Lennie and I are in the pimp daddy suite here in Vegas. He got it off We knew we had a great spot when we opened the door and the shades automatically went up - just like in the movies. Not to mention the 3 TVs, lounge, whirlpool tub, kitchen etc. Sweet way to get ready for "fitness rehab" at Fitness Ridge.

See you Sunday.