Monday, July 12, 2010

Yes, my plan worked perfectly

Yesterday was awesome. We had a 16km planned for our marathon clinic and my best bud Megan; who is running in the 10km clinic had 11 planned so we decided we could run together as we would run the 5km route from the Resolution Run. She would run 2 loops, I would run 3 and then 1 extra trip around the park for the extra km. As we are finishing the 1st loop, Megan says that she thinks she could do the 3rd loop and complete a 16km too. I was shocked as she has never run that far before but like I have told everyone, you can run forever if you do the 10:1s. So we ran it and she completed it!!!!

It was awesome to run with her because when we were done she said that she could see herself completing a 1/2 marathon. I told her that it would have been just 1 more loop of our route today and sooooooo we came home and registered her for the Toronto 1/2 marathon!!! Yahooooo, so September 26th we will run together in Toronto. My plan worked - taking her to Cincinnati to watch and help us run the Flying Pig was to inspire her to start running again and now here we are 4 months later and she is doing awesome and pushing herself to run the 1/2 - yahooo - her first medal is only a couple of months away.