Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Biopsy results are in

I finally heard back from the ENT doctor surrounding my thyroid biopsy of April 22nd. The pathology report says the lump/mass is a Hurthle-cell lesion - what the hell does that mean? I have an appt. to see the ENT on Monday the 19th to explain this all to me but when you Google "Hurthle cell lesion" it seems quite serious.

Maybe this the answer to many things for me. Maybe this is why my metabolism is so whacked. Maybe this is why my joints hurt.
Lennie and my mom are going with me to the appt. next Monday so that everyone can hear answers and ask questions. What a pain in the butt right now as I am 2 weeks from Fitness Ridge. I am assuming I will need more tests and will have to ask to get them done asap before I leave for 4 weeks.
Stay tuned for more answers next Monday after I see Dr. Nicols.