Sunday, July 4, 2010

1 year Crohns free!!!

Happy July 4th to all my American friends and to all my Crohns disease sufferers. I am so happy today to be celebrating in Seattle with my brother and his family the 4th. But, also today marks the 1 year of me being in remission from Crohns disease. I remember last year at this time, Megan drove me to the hospital for a colonoscopy (Lennie was on his annual Michigan golf trip). I had the colonoscopy because I hadn't been feeling well and had been taking the Remicade infusions since Jan 07. Well, turns out the reason why I wasn't feeling well was because the Remicade worked, I didn't need it anymore and now was in remission - so exciting for me and my family.
I am also thrilled that we are less than 100 days till Chicago and less than a month to Fitness Ridge. I am getting pumped for the cross training and the final push that it will give me for the marathon. Lindsay and I have booked our shuttles from Vegas and have our suitcases on stand bye. Right now, all I am thinking about is being able to complete the "stop sign" route in less than 1 hour, getting back to eating smaller portions and seeing all our Utah friends.
Off to run a 10 miler here in Seattle around Greenlake - something I have always wanted to do since coming to Seattle for the first time in 2002 for my brothers wedding and now, here I am able to run and do the cool loop of the lake like all the other cool runners here.
Smiles to all.