Monday, July 19, 2010

Surgery it is

Well, we met with Dr. Nicols this morning. He said that he must take out 1/2 my thyroid in a surgery called a hemithyroidectomy. They are not able to tell if the tumor thing is cancerous until you take it out - something about needing 10 slices for the pathologist... so he will remove my right lobe but surgery can not be scheduled for 4 months - argggg I have already been waiting since April.
He said that the hospital cut their surgery time by 40% and that he triages his other surgeries first. Apparently his nurse will call me 2 weeks prior to an available date and then I will need 5 days off after the surgery to rest. The surgery takes 2 hours but I can go home the same day.
Normally, a Hurthle cell lesion is cancerous 15% of the time but with the size of mine; 3.4 cm it increases the changes to 20% - not bad if you ask me. My left lobe is normal according to the ultrasound.
So, if it is now July and I need to wait 4 months...November it is.

PS, Fitness Ridge in 12 days!!!!!!