Sunday, June 27, 2010

Highs and Low

I hate the fact that my life is manic; great day, bad day, great run, bad run, great decision, bad decision. I am all about the ebb and flow of life but lately it has been way too much.
Right now I am so tired from school. Two days to go and I am hanging on emotionally. Been a long year of humbling experiences and lots of learning for me. I am not the best leader and want to be so much better than I am. I know I have so much to learn about being a motivation, inspiring, truthful and impactful leader - all the things I am suppose to be as a vice-principal. But, it is so hard when I just love the people I work with and have to disappoint them with decisions I am part of or things I know that I can not share.
Grad last week was awesome. The kids were perfecto and there were 30+ staff members in attendance all helping with the preparations or serving - what a team. Then the next day, bam, back at hurting people with decisions. Then, a great staff party, then bam, having to tell someone that I do not support an initiative they want to start - ouch.
Now, the running, yucky. Our marathon leader has been disappointing many participants in the course because of his lack of communication and support. I have run the last 3 weeks on my own and it is rough - long, boring and tough. I once again am having my doubts about being able to complete 26 miles in just over 100 days. Lindsay, Alicia and Megan and the whole crew keep me going but I really am missing something - I just can't figure out what it is. Lennie thinks it is just because I am so tired and need our summer vacation. I am off to Seattle next week to see my brother, sister in law, niece and nephew. I am hoping that the fun we are going to have will jump start my batteries and get me back to having fun with my running.
Fingers crossed.